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The hive NYC

hive NYC, formerly known as Health Care Social Network (HCSN), is an exclusive community for healthcare and health related professionals that is created to bring likeminded people together through a social platform. The origin of HCSN was built on the idea of cultivating a community that would foster the exchanges of ideas, creating innovative solutions and opportunities. As the group continues to blossom, so have our ambition to expand and rebrand our organization to hive NYC.

hive NYC embodies the spirits of our pollinator friends, as health professionals shares the same work ethics and principle to maintain the hive. They are the bedrock of the healthcare ecosystem. We are the busy bee entrepreneurs, the policy makers, the clinicians and non-clinical workers and the social butterflies. We are an organization that provides the social experiences and the key elements that builds, support and nurture individuals to promote cross pollination, coordination and innovation to make our hive better. We are the hive NYC.

Building a healthcare community to share ideas, perspective and to create opportunities through our social platform.

Our mission is to create a self-sustaining organization that connects all health professional and health related organizations under one umbrella to meet new friends, share ideas, contacts and promote opportunities in a social setting.


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